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1. Helps tenants against an eviction process
2. Renter’s rights with the right defense and protection allows the tenant to respond to an eviction in time. Call today!
3. Extension of time for an eviction
4. A quick response to the eviction notice allows better help in an eviction defense, and the law gives tenants additional time.
5. Response to the eviction notice.
6. An office that provides services of evictions or an eviction lawyer may help answer an eviction

How to stop an eviction notice

The eviction notice is a cause of concern for many families. It is common for many to immediately look for a house or apartment for rent because they are not aware of their rights as a tenant. Fortunately, there are eviction offices and tenant lawyers who specialize in helping families face an eviction. A fast response is important to achieve an extended eviction that allows a plan for reasonable time in your home such as: one, two, or several months, and no matter how later you are with the rent payment.

What are your rights as a renter? The tenant’s rights in California
protects families that have fallen behind with the rent with the
intention to allow the family to move to a place within a reasonable

It is also common that perhaps there is no cause for an eviction, so there are ways to avoid getting evicted. The defense and protection of the tenant is better if an eviction response can be made in time to either avoid the eviction, or to extend time in your home.

Our office has several years of experience providing help for tenant evictions to give a fast response to the three day notice to quit, 3 day notice to pay, or notice to evict, etc.

We know how important peace of mind is for your family, so that is why we strive to coordinate an extension of time to allow 2, 3, or more months, so that you may move to a new place. Remember, this office or a tenant lawyer can help you with your eviction process.

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